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There is a feeling I get when I look at a thunderstorm. A nostalgia electric races down my spine when I see the sky stab down at the earth with blades of light. It is more than just a weather phenomena though. It is a feeling, after all electricity courses through your body and mine as a matter of routine. Manifesting itself only at odd times in our lives. Dont you remember the feel when you saw...

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Laila Official Music Video

To have loved, lost and found, is to be lovebound. We seek love in the smallest of the things we do. In the greatest of things we do. Because love is all around us, it surrounds us. Every breath you take in, as you place another step in front of your last. You learn to fall in love with the new as you fall out of love with the old. Sometimes though an old memory will jog and shiver to life,...

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Faridkot Express: Space is the Place

Mangalyan shifted another orbit around Earth today, going into the final cycle before it heads out on it’s long journey towards Mars. There are a lot of articles in the press and the internet regarding this amazing effort by ISRO. Most praising it, but some critical of it. “It is only a publicity stunt” some say, other demand why the money is not being put to better use. I am...

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Faridkot Express: As time goes by

It has been a while since we first started out. Been making our music since December, 2007 and it has been one helluva ride. Roughly five years and hundreds of gigs later we are nearing the launch of our second album. Sometimes when we look back it all seems like a fever dream. Unreal, unbelievable. We’ve connected with tens of thousands of our fans over the years. Feeling their emotions...

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Faridkot Express: The Big News

Cooped up in one of the many identical shady hovels in Shahpur Jat, a “Bungali” who flies across the galaxy on his fretboard stared uncomfortably at the screen of his laptop. He had been staring at it for what seemed like an eternity. So close to getting what he wanted from the infernal machine. But it was hard stuff, like all magic is. All the layers had to be aligned with the right...

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Faridkot Express: Mile sur mera tumhara

On our new album we have been collaborating with a host of artists across the country. If you are a fan of Advaita and their music or a fan of Suhail’s sarangi’s melodic devastation then you will be happy online pharmacy no prescription to know we recently collaborated with the music maestro on a track from our upcoming album. Adding in layers upon layers in the right places, this...

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