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There is a feeling I get when I look at a thunderstorm. A nostalgia electric races down my spine when I see the sky stab down at the earth with blades of light. It is more than just a weather phenomena though. It is a feeling, after all electricity courses through your body and mine as a matter of routine. Manifesting itself only at odd times in our lives.

Dont you remember the feel when you saw your first big musical act live? Were the colors not that much brighter?Did not the wind rise to the roar of the music? How about your first crush, turned love? That magic rush of blood in your veins and the electra glide across your skin as you stared deep into her eyes and forgot what you were about to say? Do you remember that first roadtrip and that sunset that showed you the many colors in orange? Do you remember the crisp spring breeze and it’s nippy embrace? That familiar feeling you get with only a few strangers, when you hit it off from the first moment…well I certainly remember.

It is a feeling we easily forget in the great race of our daily mundane. The feel of Bijli running all over you.

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