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Faridkot Express: The Big News

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Faridkot Express: The Big News


Cooped up in one of the many identical shady hovels in Shahpur Jat, a “Bungali” who flies across the galaxy on his fretboard stared uncomfortably at the screen of his laptop. He had been staring at it for what seemed like an eternity. So close to getting what he wanted from the infernal machine. But it was hard stuff, like all magic is. All the layers had to be aligned with the right stars in the sky. All the tracks had to be dipped in the hyperelectric furnace and tempered and smelted into awesome ingots of sound. From time to time he would make ominous coos and clucks followed by furious clicking and keytaps. After that silence reigned over the room. Enshrouding all who would enter, forcing them in turn into silence.

After reciting a final prayer to seal the cracks in place, the “Bungali” finally turned from his seat of power and pronounced the magic words.

“Bhais ki, ho gaya.”

And so it was done. All tracks for the album have been set up and sent across the oceans to Los Angeles, California. Faridkot is proud to announce to you the man who will be mixing our tracks to give them just the right sound they need. Christopher Fudurich. Mister Fudurich has been producing and mixing albums since the early 90s. In the process he has been involved viagra canada with creating the distinctive sound of diverse artists ranging from Britney Spears to Fishbone, Jimmy Eat World and our personal favorite the Rx Bandits. He has also been involved with a host of Hollywood projects, as Music Editor for “Coyote Ugly” and providing the soundtrack for “Sleepover” and “Macon County Jail”.

We are very excited to have our tracks mixed by a professional of his experience and caliber. Needless to say we cannot wait for you to hear the results.

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