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Jamia University…this is why Faridkot is not coming to you.

Posted by on Sep 17, 2013 in Blog | 9 comments

Jamia University…this is why Faridkot is not coming to you.


A little bit of inside information. Faridkot was heading down Jamia Millia Islamia to rock out in the University campus for the annual fest. Negotiations had been concluded. The band was eager to perform. We always love College shows, they give us a chance to connect one on one with the youth of this nation; allowing us to really get into our zone. A good crowd always does brings out the best in our music.

Come Monday, and we are informed the show is cancelled.

We were given a reason so unbelievable that it made no sense. To put it politely, the show was cancelled thanks to “Security Concerns” for the band.

We do not wish for any student of Jamia to be singled out by the administration or any nefarious elements in the College due to this post, so we won’t be taking any names. The university is having its first festival, thanks to the efforts of the students involved; negative publicity will only lead to its cancellation. Which is something that will surely please the conservative elements in the University. Conservative elements who were, allegedly, willing to disrupt a musical performance over something as trivial as religious differences, just so that the festival could be permanently canned.

We are just extremely saddened that this is the state of our people, a music show has to be cancelled because of security concerns in the heart of NCR. It is disappointing that people wanting to have a good time have to run through these bureaucratic loops and hoops before getting what they want.

If, they get what they want.

We hope that Jamia has a smashing and super successful festival. We hope they rock out so hard that these festivals become a norm in their campus culture instead of an exception. Hope they broaden their horizons a little bit and learn to have a good time without worrying about security so much. Hope the people in the University realize that music knows no religion, and appeals across cultures, societies with equal ease.

Good luck Jamia, maybe some other time.


  1. This shit has to end.

  2. Ridiculous behavior, it’s 2013 in the rest of the country, why still 1940 in jamia?

  3. Hope somebody covers your song in the college fest.
    Probably dedicates it to “The sardar from the band that was to be here”

  4. As far as I can understand, there has been a disappointing scenario in this university I have never heard of. But in all honesty, this article is horribly vague and poorly composed with only room for assumptions. Get your words together victim Faridkot.

  5. This is not about who is the victim. If anyone is the victim it is the students of Jamia who love live music and rock and roll. The original purpose of the post was to express the outrage felt by us when we were handed down the official reason.

    However we do not wish for any harm to come on anyone involved with the festival directly or indirectly just because we wished for our fans to know what happened.

    Hence the updates.

  6. You are not making any point. For starters, this entire update can be summed up in one statement (example: Due to unforeseen circumstances and apparent security concerns, Jamia University gig has been called off.) and it’d still mean the same because that’s all you’ve said multiple times on different degrees of frustration. And that is because YOU ARE NOT MAKING ANY POINT EXCEPT REPEATED RANTS, NIGGER.

    • Fair enough. Allow me to clarify.

      The original post had a different message. Unfortunately it also had the potential to go massively public. Cause everybody loves a good scoop dont they? In the interest of not screwing over the students involved with the incident I decided to scuttle the post before it got too big.

      Was it a bad decision to type in a post only to change it later? Maybe. Was it an emotional kneejerk reaction to a cancelled show because the reason not only seemed illogical to me but also illegal? Possibly. Do I still prefer this half assed post expressing our disappointment over the original vehement one that told things how it were? Definitely.

      That is what you want to know right? What really happened?

  7. Whoa whoa Bombient did someone bugger you with a Bhut Jalokia infested cactus plant? Calm the fuck down man

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