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Faridkot Express – News, Updates & More

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Faridkot Express – News, Updates & More

Coming out in the end part of this year will be the fruit of our labors for the past year and a half. I would like to go the Satriani way and say that our second album (coming out very soon) will end all hunger, promote world peace and banish poverty all in one fell swoop. But if that didn’t work for old Joe’, I don’t think it will work for us.


However, hopefully our new album will be able to set the tone for things to come. It will give those of you who love our music something to love and cherish. Something with good shelf life. Something that lasts. But before that there will be lots of other goodies headed your way.

You got to be a magician with this stuff. Too soon and the trick falls apart. Too late and no one is there to Buy levitra lowest prices notice the rabbit come out of the hat. So you got to get it right. And with NH7 on the horizon, it looks like it is almost time. We’ll be opening for the Dewarists stage at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender – Delhi NCR. Mark your calendars: Nov 30, 2013. What’s awesome about it? We’re stoked to be sharing the stage with the biggies like:

NH7 - Line Up

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