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There is an old wives tale, if you travel along a road long enough you come back to where you began. That is almost how far Ghaziabad is from where we live. You travel on that road long enough and surely you will start seeing familiar landmarks in a completely unfamiliar place. But we traveled that road anyway, would travel it again if we have to. IMT was served a healthy dosage of Rock and Roll Faridkot style late in the evening. With lots of people and lots of mosquitoes to keep things buzzing. Good sound exploding all around. Hope they had as much fun as we did. Cause we had a blast.

Which leaves us kinda here and there, flowing with the wind. Which way the wind will blow…no one can know. If you want the wind to blow your way,

Give us a call, you know what to say.


  1. nicely written :)

  2. Absolutely loved it… You guys rock !! btw, where can one find the details of the band members?

    • Thank you so much Napoleon for writing to us. Our apologies for such a late reply. But we are up and about now and we hope to stay in touch and spread the music.
      Its Raj and IP Singh, who are the core and permanent members of the band.

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